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The Voice of Nursing Leadership in Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders (PONL) is host to five specific regions:

Eastern (PERONL)

Northwestern (NWPONL)

South Central (SCONL)

Southeastern (SEPONL)

Southwestern (SWPONL)

Each region conducts its own meetings, elects its own officers and often sponsors its own events. Please click on each region above to view their dedicated web page.

Become an Emerging Leader for Your Region!

Emerging Leader Nominations Now Open

In 2016, PONL added five new board seats for emerging nurse leaders to gain the input and perspective of our newer nursing leaders at the Board level. With our third Emerging Nurse Leader (ENL) cohort terms come to an end on Dec. 31, 2023, we are seeking five new leaders to join our Board and contribute to professional nursing in Pennsylvania.

Each of the five PONL regions may select one new leader who fits this category and propose them to the full PONL Board for appointment consideration. Appointed emerging nurse leaders will be voting members of the PONL Board of Directors and serve a two-year term starting on 
Jan. 1, 2024.

All candidates must meet the requirements and guidelines to apply.

Emerging Leader Candidate Requirements

1.     A current PONL member.
2.     In a leadership role and have less than five (5) years of leadership experience.
3.     Understand that being a PONL Board member is a serious professional commitment; calls are held monthly, and additional committee assignments and duties are part of the role during the two-year term of office.
4.     Obtain endorsement from their immediate supervisor to apply for the ENL program.

If you have questions concerning the time commitment or responsibilities of the program, please contact the PONL Office and we can provide more information.

All applications will be sent to the nominee’s regional leadership for review and consideration. Candidates will work directly with regional leadership on any interviews and processes in place.

Applications are due by 11/20/2023.

Contact the PONL Office with any questions.

Submit your ENL application today!

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